7th SCAE World Latte Art Championship 2011

Dear coffeelovers all over the world!
The next World Latte Art championship, the World Coffee in Good Spirits, the World Cuptasters Championship and the World Ibrik Championship will take place in

Maastricht in Netherlands 22th–24th of June 2011

There will some changes in the Latte Art Championship and the Coffee in Good Spirit for 2011, but the national championships can still be organized in the way as before.
With coffeeregards from the organizing committee,

Sonja Björk Grant

To invent and present good-looking coffees has become an art of its own: Latte art. Throughout the world baristas are taking this art further every day. The innovations and the skills are more than amazing. In this championship you will be able to follow the worlds finest latte artists at close range when they present two identical arts in 3 different beverages. A latte, a macchiato, and a signature beverage. The two first pairs just made with the mug and milk. The signature beverage with any surface aid at the choice of the barista. To ensure that there are no coincident and that everything runs according to plans the competitor have to show the judges on a picture what they intend to make prior to the start.

The beverages will be judged immediately for its visual and taste and aroma qualities and the scores are openly shown as the competition unfolds. The visual judges will look for creativity, for performance, for identical patterns in the pairs, and for the contrast in the patterns. It is true that what your eyes see is what your mind believes, but just to ensure that the quality of the beverages are given the same attention as the art there are also taste judges.

In the end the 6 best competitors go to the final where they take the qualification scores with them. Number 6 in the qualification will start first. Scores are shown and the next competitor knows what it takes to get in front on the result list. The winner will then be decided immediately after the number1 in the qualification has served the last beverage.

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