8th World Cup Tasters Championship 2011

Dear coffeelovers all over the world!
The next World Latte Art championship, the World Coffee in Good Spirits, the World Cuptasters Championship and the World Ibrik Championship will take place in

Maastricht in Netherlands 22th–24th of June 2011

With coffeeregards from the organizing committee,

Sonja Björk Grant

The objectives of this competition are many: To educate and motivate the cup tasters of the world. To give them the same status and credibility as the wine tasters, and to promote the concept of quality coffee as such.

To make the event fair to all the coffee cultures of the world we do not ask the cup tasters to identify or judge coffees. We simply test their skills to discriminate between tastes in triangular tests. 8 triangles are set on the table. In each two cups are identical, one is different. With ability to smell, taste, memorise and concentrate the competitor will identify the odd cup in the triangles. The one with the most correct wins. With equal numbers the one with the shortest time win. The organizers sets up the triangles with selected coffees from all over world, and the spectators will be able to taste the coffees after the competition.

The Championship starts with qualifying heats with 4 participants in each. Scores and times are kept and published immediately.The 8 best goes to the semi-final where triangles are changed and discriminations made more difficult. The 4 best then goes to the final. Qualifying competitions are now being held in several countries. Where qualifying competitions cannot be held, SCAE chapters or similar speciality coffee associations can name the competitor they find the best to represent their nation.

We expect up to 40 cup tasters from both consuming and producing countries to compete in the championship. The event is educational, exciting and fun to watch.

And one wanting to organize cup tasting competitions can get in touch with the SCAE competition committee at and we will supply you with material lists, guidelines and assistance.

For further information go to the SCAE website: