The 7th SCAE World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship 2011.

Dear coffeelovers all over the world!
The next World Latte Art championship, the World Coffee in Good Spirits, the World Cuptasters Championship and the World Ibrik Championship will take place in

Maastricht in Netherlands 22th–24th of June 2011

There will some changes in the Latte Art Championship and the Coffee in Good Spirit for 2011, but the national championships can still be organized in the way as before.
With coffeeregards from the organizing committee

Sonja Björk Grant

Throughout the world there are almost as many coffee bars that serve alcohol as those who don’t. In addition to the coffee bars coffee is served at cafes and restaurants that outnumber coffee bars many times. The SCAE also wants to reach these groups and motivate them to improve their knowledge and skills. The Coffee in Good Spirits World Championship now held for the 6th time is aimed at these groups. We want them to understand quality differences in coffee, and to motivate them for quality brewing regardless of method.

Irish Coffee is the most used and abused combination of coffee and alcohol in the world.
The perfect Irish coffee demands a well-balanced combination of primarily whiskey and coffee. The selection of coffee in relation to the taste and aroma of the whisky becomes critical for the quality of the beverage. Then finally the balance with the sugar and the cream. The barista, barkeeper, or café host that master this shows that they have a deeper understanding of quality coffee, which again indicate that that they will be able to serve quality coffee in general and to make any other good combination of coffee and alcohol, separate or mixed.

In the SCAE World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship the competitors are therefore asked to make 2 identical Irish Coffees and 2 identical signature beverages to present to the judges. The beverages will be judged immediately for its taste, aroma and visual qualities and the scores are shown in open judging as the competition unfolds. In nations we alcohol is forbidden alcohole free essences can be used. To avoid biased judging the highest and the lowest scores are dilited In the end the 6 best go to the final where they bring the qualification scores with them. Number 6 in the qualification starts first so the following competitors will know what to beat to advance on the result list. The winner will therefore be decided after the number 1 in the qualification has served the last beverage in the final. (There may be minor changes in the rules and judging forms

It is a competition served with and in good spirits. We expect some 30 competitors from all over the world to enter the competition

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