World Barista Championship Executive Director Search and Selection

The Board of Directors of the World Barista Championship is pleased to announce the commencement of a search and selection process to hire an Executive Director for World Barista Championship, LTD.

After receiving all CV submissions, the process will be administrated by two ad hoc committees, an E.D. (Executive Director) Search Committee, and an E.D. Selection Committee, comprised of WBC Board Directors, the Executive Directors of the two parent associations (SCAA & SCAE), and at-large WBC Committee members, as appointed by the WBC Board.

Qualified candidates should examine the Position Description and submit their CV to the provided email address.

(PDF) WBC Executive Director Position Description (80 KB)
(PDF) Official press release (123 KB)

World Barista Championship Executive Director Position Description


The WBC Executive Director serves as leader, a visionary, an ambassador, a manager, and a board developer in a way that ensures financial stability, generates growth, optimizes organizational performance, and insures a sense of common purpose. The director will create a cooperative culture to carry out WBC objectives, goals and vision from a diverse and sometimes opposing group of owners, directors, volunteers, and complementary national and international organizations. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors.


1) Grow recognition and participation in the WBC by developing and expanding current and new programs, activities, and services in a manner that is sustainable and beneficial for all stakeholders.

2) Generate a diverse and reliable revenue stream to fund and promote barista development and competition all over the world.

3) Provide an annual budget for approval to Board and continually audit and refine financial progress to achieve the WBC’s strategic and operational goals. Keep the board apprised of opportunities and deficiencies. Ensure that all funds, physical assets and other property of the association are properly safeguarded.

4) Administer the overall activities of the WBC including the strategic planning process, the annual competition, training programs and such other regional and international activities the Board recognizes as meeting the objectives of the organization.

5) Coordinate the activities of the various committees and ensure that volunteers receive adequate recognition and respect for their efforts.

6) Ensure the legal integrity of the WBC and provide security for all assets. Negotiate and execute contracts and commitments authorized by policy or the Board of Directors. Maintain official minutes of Board of Directors meetings.

7) Develop policies and planning recommendations in collaboration with the Board to provide for the continued growth and success of the organization.

8) Maintain an effective communication with and understanding of the owner’s organizations and work to pursue mutually beneficial results.

9) Recruit, hire, train, promote, compensate and discharge staff as necessary and in a fashion that protects the interests and assets of the WBC.


1) Utilize relationship with the parent companies (SCAE and SCAA) as opportunities to promote and collaborate on events.

2) The Executive Director shall at all times act first and foremost in the best interests of the WBC, and shall thereafter consider the interests of the parent companies in equal balance.


1) Demonstrated leadership, team-building and interpersonal skills that allow Board and committee members to freely interact in setting policies, objectives, and goals.
2) Advanced written and oral communications skills that successfully promote the activities, products, and programs of the WBC.
3) Advanced organizational skills that provide both strong administration of ongoing projects and forward planning of future events.
4) Advanced diplomacy skills and experience that enhance the image, credibility and recognition of the WBC, allow for meeting the needs of diverse stake holder groups and build consensus around WBC objectives.
5) Knowledge of coffee industry and the technical issues related to quality or coffee production.
6) Demonstrated business skills in financial administration and accounting, with the ability to review budget forecasts for accuracy and oversee expenditures for cost control.
7) International experience and fluency in English as well as one or more other languages are desirable.
8) Prior experience with the international barista movement is desirable.


Interested parties should submit a C.V. (resume) to the chair of the Executive Director Search Committee at:

C.V. (resume) should include:

a. Job Experience
b. Salary History
c. Three (3) professional references
d. Employment Availability


(PDF) WBC Executive Director Position Description (80 KB)
(PDF) Official press release (123 KB)





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