WBC Sanctioned National Competition Documents and Forms

You will find below all the materials and documents you need to run a successful National or Regional Barista Competition based on the World Barista Championship format.


If you are looking for information about a National Barista Competition, please contact your National Body.  The general rules and structure for barista competitions can be found in this section, “WBC Rules and Structure”.


WBC rules and structure
WBC Ltd Organizational Structure
2009 WBC Rules and Regulations
arrow 2009 WBC Head Judge Scoresheet
arrow 2009 WBC Technical Judge Scoresheet
arrow 2009 WBC Sensory Judge Scoresheet

WBC Judges Code of Conduct

Applications for National Bodies are being accepted by the WBC for any countries without representation.  Please review the Sanctioning Criteria and helpful documents in the first section,  “Sanctioning and Applications”.


Sanctioning and Applications
WBC Competition Sanctioning Criteria
NB License Application

After you have been approved for licensing, please use the documents in the “Prior and During Competition” section to help guide you through planning your barista competition.


Prior and during competition
Barista Competition Budget Supply List
Blank Competition Schedule
Blank Schedule of Events
Volunteer positions

If you are a National Body that has just completed a National Barista competition, please fill out the forms in the “Post Competition” section.  Competitions cannot be officially recognized until the Post Competition paperwork is filed.


Each Champion should complete the registration form to register for the annual World Barista Championship.

Post competition
NB Payment Form
WBC National competition sanctioning form
Post competition evaluation
Sample competitor information spreadsheet
Sample judges result spreadsheet
National Champion Registration Form

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