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Mission Statement and Goals Committee Structure
Committee Structure
  • Each of the committees will consist of Key Committee Members (KCM’s) who act as a specialised Executive “Sub-Committee” making decisions on behalf of its area of responsibility.
  • Each KCM will represent a global region.
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Regional Coordinators Committee
Primary role Field and respond to enquiries within their respective Region. Liaise with National Bodies regarding competition sanctioning and WBC guidelines. Coordinate resources and personnel to facilitate each respective National Championship. Keep records updated for the WBC website of National Coordinators, competitors and dates of national competitions.
Members Roukiat Delrue (Americas), Pauline Sherwood (Europe and Middle East), Bridget Carrington (Africa), Emily Oak (Asia and Australia)
Chair Emily Oak
Rules and Regulations Committee
Primary role Develop the WBC Rules and Regulations, in accordance with the WBC goals and mission.
Members Robert Forsyth, Inga Schaeper, Edgard Bressani
Chair Robert Forsyth
Judges Certification Committee
Primary role Develop the judging and barista certification program and the WBC Certified Judges accreditation program.
Members Brent Fortune and Jose Arreola - Americas
Fritz Storm and Matts Johanssen - Europe and Africa
Justin Metcalf and Chris White - Australia and Asia
Chair Justin Metcalf
Technical Standards Committee
Primary role Develop and implement all technical standards to be used in WBC competitions, including technical standards for WBC qualified sponsors.
Members Willy Hansen
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